Healing Prayers

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Healing Prayer
O you who dwell In the house made of the dawn,
In the house made of the evening twilight …
Where the dark mist curtains the doorway,
The path to which is on the rainbow …
I have made your sacrifice.
I have prepared a smoke for you.
My feet restore for me.
My limbs restore for me.
My body restore for me.
My mind restore for me.
My voice restore for me.

Today, take away your spell from me.
Away from me you have taken it.
Far off from me you have taken it.
Happily I recover.
Happily my interior becomes cool.
Happily my eyes regain their power.
Happily my head becomes cool.
Happily my limbs regain their power.
Happily I hear again.
Happily for me the spell is taken off.
Happily I walk.Impervious to pain,
I walk.Feeling light within,
I walk …In beauty I walk.
With beauty before me,
I walk.With beauty behind me,
I walk.With beauty below me,
I walk.With beauty all around me,
I walk. It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty


Healing Chant
Deep in my bones the Goddess is alive,
Deep in my cells and blood the Life Force is strong,
Deep in my heart and spirit,
I believe I will heal.
I feel Kuan Yin at my core,
Filling me with Faith and Health.
Abundant Life Forces of the Universe flow in me,
And banish all disease.
My blood, my bones, my cell and my body,
Are healing now…
Are healing now…
The Goddess force is in me
And healing me now …
In Times of Trial
Goddess within me,
Your daughter seeks your aid,
Courage to face this,
Strength to stand!
Love to aid! 

Invocation to Kuan Yin


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