Resources for Learning Prayer

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Resources for Learning Prayer

The Energy of Prayer About the Book: In this extraordinary celebration of spirituality, The Energy of Prayer demonstrates the relevance of prayer in our daily lives. Thich Nhat Hanh reveals how the energies of prayer and meditation allow us to reconnect with our higher selves while satisfying our basic need to connect with the world as a whole. With a generous spirit that acknowledges the many different types and functions of prayer, The Energy of Prayer provides a guide for deepening our spiritual practice through the use of prayer.

Book Reviews & More “A lovely book, a prayer in itself.” —Philip Zaleski, co-author of Prayer: A History of Prayer “…Hanh has a winning style, nimbly mixing deep philosophy with personal anecdotes and helpful illustrations…” —Starred review, Publishers Weekly “…one of the best little books I’ve ever read…What a powerful message, from an empowered soul.” —Reverend Dr. Sanra Gaskin, Spirit-Works “…has a simplicity that will appeal to beginners and a depth that will please experienced seekers…” —New Age Retailer

About Author: THICH NHAT HANH is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk whose lifelong efforts to generate peace and reconciliation moved Martin Luther King, Jr. to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. He lives in southwest France and travels regularly, leading retreats on the art of mindful living. He is author of Energy of Prayer, Being Peace, and many other books. Source

A prayer from Longchenpa Longchenpa was a Tibetan Buddhist master who lived in the 1300’s. He is considered one of the Nyingma school’s greatest teachers. Know the state of pure and total presence to be a vast expanse without center or border. It is everywhere the same, without acceptance or rejection. Blend the nature of mind and its habit patterns into non-duality. Because entities, whether subjectively conceived or directly experienced, Are present as ornaments of one’s own state of being, Do not accept or reject them. And, Because they are not divided into self and other. The apparitional, spontaneously present objects are the play of pure experience.

Listen: this majestic awareness, freely transforming itself, Displays the integrated structure centered around the inner reality of formEverything that exists and appears Displays itself in the space of unborn reality. In this inner reality there is nothing to accept or reject. All that exists is displayed by me, the supreme ordering principle.

Listen: this teacher of teachers, the majestic creative intelligence, Displays the integrated structure centered around the inner reality of communication. Everything that exists and is designated Displays itself as linguistic communication coming from the unborn field And is gathered into this inexplicable inner reality of communication, The supreme ordering principle’s symphony.

Listen: this teacher of teachers, majestic creativity Displays the integrated structure centered around the inner reality of awareness. Know everything thought or attended to To be the substance of the unborn ordering principle itself.

The realms of form, communication, and awareness of the creative intelligence Are the three naturally occurring, uncontrived integrated structures of reality. One who understands the reality of these integrated structures as complete in a moment without having been set up, Has understood the core meaning of the spontaneously complete inner reality. Thus, because all that is present as form, sound, and thought ever since they appeared in time has existed as these three unborn inte grated structures, from the start live this great natural non-duality without going into any conceptual analysis. Through realizing beings and their worlds to be these integrated structures, affirmations, negations, antidotes, and hindrances will definitely be freed in their own place.

Longchenpa’s Innermost Secret Instruction is : “As it does not rely on words, it does not depend on (intellectual) wisdom. As it realises the nature directly, it does not dwell in the view of mental analysis.” Some of what I have found to be the most effective methods of Prayer, based upon Belief put into motion through the Law of Cause and Effect, are by Ernest Holmes, whose philosophy is known as The Science of Mind.  Recommended: Prayer: How To Pray Effectively From The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Same song different singer… Charles Fillmore~Teach Us to Pray

Here’s a link to the book if you want to read it on the web

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